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About Us

Appraisals North Realty Inc. (ANR) was formed in 1991. The three principals are Kelly Richardson, CRA, Eric Tworo, AACI, P. App, and Tyler Cockburn, AACI, P.App. Our team of appraisers includes Ron Monk, AACI, P. App,  Corey Emond, AIC Candidate Member and Ryan Morken, AIC Candidate Member. The company has extensive experience in all types of property valuations including residential, commercial, industrial and institutional.

Appraisals have been completed on diversified assignments for both the private and public sectors. ANR has been continuously and exclusively involved with the professional practice of real estate appraisal and consulting since 1991. Reports have been prepared for purchase and sale, asset management plans, financing, litigation, expropriation, easements, right of ways, partial takings, flooding claims, commercial and recreational loss of use and various other interests.

Our business is dedicated to providing our clients with reports that are accurate, professionally prepared and EDI compliant.

Our appraisals are accepted and trusted by chartered banks, credit unions, caisse populaires, trust companies, investment groups, lawyers, insurance companies and corporate relocation companies.  Our clients also include private home buyers and sellers.

We are generally oriented toward serving clients with real estate in the City of Greater Sudbury, however also offer services throughout Northern Ontario.

Meet the Professionals


Ron has ample knowledge within the local and surrounding markets.  He is an honours graduate of Cambrian College, involved in appraisals since 1978, acquiring the AACI accreditation in 1989.  He is a founding partner of Appraisals North Realty Inc., and is also Broker of Record for ANR Realty Inc., real estate brokerage, an affiliate of Appraisals North Realty Inc.  He has completed many diverse assignments over his career and continues to look forward to the next appraisal challenge.

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